Everwood is an agent for protecting all types of wood from deterioration. It consists of a waterglass based mixture modified with a special catalyst. The product penetrates in depth into the natural porosity and binds to the wood fibers to form a permanent barrier. Everwood is particularly effective for reducing the flammability of wood. It protects against termites and from the absorbtion of water and moisture. Everwood extends the durability of wood with any surface treatments.

Everwood is a permanent barrier that is particularly effective for preventing and reducing the percentage moisture of the timber (by at least 50%) and prevents the formation of mildew, fungi, bacteria, termites and flames which are the main causes of deterioration. It reduces the penetration of oils, grease and pollutants. Everwood does not produce any surface film but penetrates into the structure and allows the timber to breathe normally. It does not alter the texture or natural colour of the timber and is odorless and colorless. Everwood increases hardness and therefore the resistance of timber to wear and freezing / thawing cycles over time. Everwood considerably reduces the flammability of wood. Everwood does not alter the texture or natural color of the wood. It enhances the adhesiveness of varnishes, colorants, paints and putties in a uniform manner and extends the lifetime by 300%. Everwood is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is therefore suitable for use in "green buildings". If applied correctly, the duration of treatment is guaranteed for 8-10 years.

- All wood and timber, indoor and outdoor
- Timber homes, wooden houses
- Beams and garrets
- Wooden garden furniture, terraces
- Storage sheds
- Wood fences
- Window casings, doors and balconies
- Containers for plants and wooden staves
- Special flooring, outdoor flooring


Everwood is economical and cost efficient. 1 liter covers up to 8 sqm.
Everwood can be applied by spraying with a low-pressure pump, roller or brush.

Everwood is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic.
environmentally friendly

Natural surfaces and untreated wood do not require any preparation. Everwood must be applied at temperatures above 5°C. All previous treatments or painting must be removed in order to ensure the penetration and effectiveness of Everwood. Stir the product thoroughly before use. Do not dilute or mix Everwood with any other liquid. Everwood should be applied by spraying with a low-pressure pump, roller or brush. Normal application requires one treatment only and the yield depends on porosity. Apply freely to saturate the material. Apply from bottom upwards on vertical walls.

In opera 1
Application of Everwood
In opera 2
Everwood for protection of beams
In opera 3
Everwood protects the wooden houses.
In opera 4
Everwood protects timber

Composition Proprietary blend of aqueous waterglass
Expiry 12 months if stored sealed
Flammability None flammable
Environmental risk None
Organic properties Colorless, odorless liquid
Storage Store frost free and keep tightly sealed
Toxicity None
Curing 30 days. Manageable after 1 hour
Yield per liter 6-8 m2
Warning Keep away from glass and aluminum

Properties Result Reference standard
Water absorption Reduction to 50%
Fire Resistance Class 1 MDF up to 12mm NT Fire 030 and 004
Used as a primer paint Increase by 300% the life cycle
Duration of treatment Permanent

*For complete information please request TDS (Technical Data Sheet)
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