EverCrete® Pavishield
EverCrete® Pavishield is a special protecting agent for preventing industrial concrete floors from deteriorating. The formula is based on waterglass with a special catalyst. It allows the product to penetrate deep into the concrete, seals the pores and becomes a permanent barrier. EverCrete® Pavishield is conformed to the prescriptions of the 89/106 EEC Directive and meets the requirements of the standard EN 1504-2.

EverCrete® Pavishield protects concrete floors and acts as a curing compound with an anti-evaporation effect.
EverCrete® Pavishield is a permanent and definitive treatment to improve the conditions of dusty floors and floors damaged by freezing and thawing cycles with salts.
EverCrete® Pavishield creates a permanent barrier that protects against penetration of water, acids, oils and toxic agents.
EverCrete® Pavishield blocks carbonizing, chloride, sulphate and provides a better wear resistance.
EverCrete® Pavishield is completely non-toxic, safe for humans and the environment.

Excellent base for subsequent coatings
EverCrete® Pavishield is colorless and preserves the original look of concrete floors. Scientific tests have shown that it is an ideal foundation for further processing such as the application of glues, resins or paints, to improve adhesion. It also increases the compressive strength and surface abrasion.
- Industrial floors, new or mature
- Indoor and outdoor floorings
- Ramps, pavements
- Airport runways, sports tracks
- Cellars, farm structures etc.


EverCrete® Pavishield is economical and cost efficient. 1 liter covers up to 8 sqm.
EverCrete® Pavishield can be applied by spraying with a low-pressure pump, roller or brush.
EverCrete® Pavishield is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic.
environmentally friendly

The product should be applied in two coats with a low pressure pump. The surface needs to be perfectly clean, free from residues of oil and grease.
Start from step 3 in the case of a fresh cast.
On cured casts (aged over 3 months):
1. The floor should be clean and wet thoroughly before application. Wash with a floor washer or power washer.
2. Wait until the surface is dry (from 6 to 24 hours).
3. Stir the product thoroughly before use.
4. Evenly apply the first coat of the product, moistening the entire surface.
5. Wait until the first coat has been absorbed.
6. Apply the second coat going cross (i.e. if the first coat was applied in the east-west direction, apply the second coat in a north-south direction) .
7. Rinse the floor within 12 hours from the first coat, to remove all product in excess, using a floor washer or other systems.

In opera 1
EverCrete® Pavishield protects industrial indoor floors
In opera 2
EverCrete® Pavishield protects industrial outdoor floors
In opera 3
EverCrete® Pavishield protects concrete from deterioration
In opera 4
EverCrete® Pavishield is certified for use in contact with food

Composition Proprietary blend of aqueous waterglass
Expiry 12 months if stored sealed
Flammability None flammable
Environmental risk None
Organic properties Colorless, odorless liquid
Storage Store frost free and keep tightly sealed
Toxicity None
Curing 36 days. Traffic after a few hours
Yield per liter 6-8 sqm
Warning Keep away from glass and aluminum

Properties Result Reference standard
Freeze/thaw resistance 300 cycles without damage UNI 7087/72
Resistance to deicing salts Excellent UNI 7087/72
Compression surface resistance Average increase of 30%
Abrasion resistance 100% increase Method ORF
Penetration depth Up to 34 mm
Adhesion to binders, resins, paints Improved AMA-83 Sweden
Efflorescence susceptibility None
Absorption of oils and grease 67% reduction
Anti-evaporation Excellent results ASTM C-309-74

*For complete information please request TDS (Technical Data Sheet)
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