It is a photocatalytic cementitious coating, which can be applied even at low thickness.

Ercole Ecoactive activates a chemical reaction which causes the decomposition of pollutants, making them harmless and getting over the 60% of pollution reduction. Ercole Ecoactive ensures the removal of particulate matter, making clean and healthy air.

Ercole Ecoactive is a photocatalysis accelerator.
It causes the process of oxidation, through transformation and decomposition of pollutants. Buildings, roads, cycle tracks covered with Ercole Ecoactive ensure a fast pollutant reduction, reducing over 60% of pollution. Besides Ercole Ecoactive is safe and long lasting, carriageable, waterproof and highly resistant.

You can cover both horizontal surfaces (floors, streets, squares, cycle tracks, sport tracks) and vertical surfaces.
Both outdoor and indoor applications are possible. Light is the only condition to get photocatalysis (both natural and artificial).
Ercole can cover concrete, wood and asphalt, thanks to its formula with copolymers and special additives that ensure high adhesion.


  • schools, nursery schools
  • universities, youth centres
  • town halls, public buildings
  • medical structures
  • cycle tracks, pedestrian crossing
  • private houses, storages
  • farms
  • roads, squares, parking spaces

Ercole Ecoactive is prepared on site, mix with water (4-6 for self levelling mixture) until the desired consistency is reached.

The surface must be dampened before the application. For low thickness coatings, use the self levelling mixture with a squeegee.
Self levelling applications can be sandpapered both between coats and after the final application (on dry surface), using a single-brush machine with sandpaper or a polishing machine. The final surface should appear uniform in texture and appearance.

Ecoactive city
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