Bobsleigh track - Turin 2006 Olympics
Cesana Torinese - San Sicario (TO), 2006 - Evercrete Vetrofluid®
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Bobsleigh track - Turin 2006 Olympics
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The bobsleigh run for the 2006 Winter Olympics is an ambitious and unique project on the European scene, for the technologies used and the skills involved. Ecobeton's experience in the protection of sports facilities continues, as already happened in the projects in Calgary (Canada 1988) and Lillehammer (Norway 1994).

Designer: Planungsbüro Deyle GmbH
Builder: Orion Scarl (RE)
Ecobeton intervention:
Treatment of the slope with Evercrete Vetrofluid as a curing agent and protective against freezing.
Evercrete Vetrofluid® Turin 2006
Bobsleigh track Turin 2006
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