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Highway in Budapest

Highway in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary 2011

Protect from degradation and from one of the most insidious agents: de-icing salt. Consolidate while preserving from time, wear, and continuous vehicular traffic. Several defense functions in one product: Pavishield. Used for any horizontal application in concrete, but especially on floors exposed to bad weather, freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.

The Hungarian motorway company has entrusted the Colas group with the ex novo reconstruction of the E75 motorway section at Torokbalint, choosing Pavishield as the consolidation and protection technology. About 10,000 square meters of concrete were treated for a road on which a consolidated concrete was preferred to the more delicate asphalt. Pavishield, certified for use in contact with de-icing salts, is a CE marked product according to UNI EN 1504-2. The project supervision and installation assistance was carried out by Ecobeton Hungary.

Builder: Colas

Ecobeton Intervention: Consolidating and protective de-icing salts with Evercrete Pavishield.

Bobsleigh track - Turin 2006 Olympics

Bobsleigh track - Turin 2006 Olympics

Cesana Torinese - San Sicario (TO) 2006

The bobsleigh run for the 2006 Winter Olympics is an ambitious and unique project on the European scene, for the technologies used and the skills involved. Ecobeton's experience in the protection of sports facilities continues, as already happened in the projects in Calgary (Canada 1988) and Lillehammer (Norway 1994).

Designer: Planungsbüro Deyle GmbH

Builder: Orion Scarl (RE)

Ecobeton Intervention: Treatment of the slope with Evercrete Vetrofluid as a curing agent and protective against freezing.

Paris Roissy Aiport

Paris Roissy Aiport

Twintec France 2008

This aeronautical maintenance building is intended for accommodate large A380 aircraft for operations maintenance. During this construction, many constraints have should be taken into account. Indeed, this warehouse required a Pavishield® treatment in order to improve mechanical and chemical resistance (Kerosene, hydraulic fluid) and suppress the phenomenon dusting.