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Poseidone is a continuous cementitious overlay for wet areas. It allows you to easily cover and renew elements such as swimming pools, fountains, tubs and even hammam and saunas. It is a single-component microcement capable of enhancing with a seamless decorative surface and a modern and valuable aesthetic, all design projects for your new swimming pool.

Poseidone overlay on a swimming pool
Anwendung von Poseidone

One single product, versatile and easy to apply

Poseidone is a ready-to-use one-component cementitious coating. Easy to apply, with a thickness of over 4 mm after just two coats, no need for primer or protective sealer after the application. It is made sustainably, by using of recycled raw materials and natural cement.

You can customize Poseidone with a choice of more than 300 colours available.

Poseidon rules your waters.

Like a true lord of the sea, it protects your external surfaces in contact with water and humidity.
Thanks to its compact surface, it resists to the most critical conditions. Once applied and cured, Poseidone does not fear freeze and thaw cycles, chemical aggressions or abrasions and offers excellent adhesion to the substrate and waterproofing in thicknesses from 4 to 10mm.

Pool stairs with Poseidone

Poseidone properties

Zementiertes Überlager für Schwimmbäder


Suitable for surfaces in contact with water, such as swimming pools, tubs, tanks, hammams and others.

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Widerstand gegen Frosttauzyklen, Chloride, Sulfate und Tausalz

Chemisch beständig

Suitable for pools treated with chlorine, salt or sea water


Beständigkeit gegen Frost-Tausalzangriffe

It is ideal for surfaces and external elements exposed to weathering and temperature fluctuations.

Poseidone properties

Microcement for wet surfaces
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Einfach anzuwenden

Water based single-component to be applied by spatula or trowel

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Einsatzfähig von 4 bis 10 mm

Glatte Textur oder dekorative gestempelt Oberfläche

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Enthält deutschen Spheroidal Quartz

Umweltfreundlich und sicher

poseidone is a cement based product, solvent-free and without volatile organic compounds (VOC)