Ercole Ecoactive

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    Product for professional use

    25 kg

    white powder

    1.5 - 2 kg/m2

    Ercole Ecoactive

    Ercole® Ecoactive

    Ecoactive is an ecological, premixed, single-component cementitious coating with the TX photocatalytic principle. This property activates a chemical reaction capable of promoting pollutants' decomposition, making them harmless, thus reducing pollution by over 60%.
    It is a ready-to-use microcement (just add water). It can be applied at a low thickness on concrete, plaster, wood, metal and other surfaces, has excellent adhesion to the substrate, is waterproof and very resistant to abrasion.

    Sustainable: It reduces CO2, fine dust and smog emissions.

    Resistant: to abrasions, atmospheric aggressions, freeze and thaw cycles, de-icing salts.

    Application: squeegee, trowel

    Uses: interior and exterior, wood, terracotta, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, screeds.

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