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    Product for professional use

    1 kg (ca 6m2)

    transparent liquid

    160 g/m2

    Brickcover Ecobeton


    Brickcover is long-lasting water-repellent protection for natural stones and bricks. It penetrates deeply into the substrate, leaving the look and feel of the surface completely natural. Brickcover is non-toxic, does not create a film and allows the treated material to breathe. Its formulation based on potassium siliconate makes Brickcover a long-lasting treatment, effective on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
    Brickcover forms a water-repellent barrier that makes the material impervious to water and protects against atmospheric agents.

    Sustainable: Colorless, odorless and non-toxic. Given its composition, it does not cause any environmental risk.

    Total protection: It does not alter either the color or the surface of the treated material, prevents the formation of mold, bacteria, saltpetre and efflorescence, protects against decay, freeze / thaw cycles and atmospheric aggressions.

    Application: By spraying with low pressure pump, brush, roller.

    Uses: Terracotta or stone floors, brick walls, bent tiles, roof tiles, roofing in general, mature concrete and plaster, natural stone, pool joints, terraces or shower rooms, statues, stone works, columns.

    Long duration: If applied correctly, it is a very long-lasting treatment, at least 8-10 years.

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