Evercrete Vetrofluid


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    Product for professional use

    6 kg (15m2)

    transparent odourless liquid

    250 - 500 g/m2

    Evercrete Vetrofluid

    Evercrete® Vetrofluid®

    Vetrofluid is a superior ecological anti-degradation waterproofing protection for concrete. Its formulation, based on liquid glass and special modifier additive, allows the product to penetrate from a minimum of 10 mm up to 40 mm into the concrete, sealing its porosity and becoming a definitive and permanent barrier over time.
    Evercrete® Vetrofluid® is applied to waterproof, protect and consolidate any concrete .

    Sustainable: colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Given its composition, it does not cause any environmental risk. We supply it in our ECOBOX, a fully recyclable cardboard box.

    Total concrete protection: waterproofing, consolidating, blocks carbonation, resistant against freeze / thaw cycles, fights the formation of mold and fungi, blocks rising damp, increases fire resistance, prevents the release of cement dust, surface hardener, increases resistance to wear and atmospheric agents, is a permanent treatment.

    Application: spray with low pressure pump.

    Uses: retaining walls, bridges, underpasses, dams and tunnels, submerged concrete structures, biogas tanks, purifiers, wells, collection tanks, foundations, drinking water tanks, exposed concrete, wherever you want to increase the durability of concrete works.

    Permanent: to be applied in at least 2 coats, it is a permanent and definitive treatment.

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