Microbond Finitura


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    Product for professional use

    Very fine microcement for even smoother finishes.

    18 kg (90m2)


    0.2-0.3 kg/m2

    Microbond Finitura

    Microbond® Finitura

    Microbond® Finitura is cement-based, ecological and ready to use (just add water). Apply Finitura over cementitious coatings such as Microbond® to give the surface a smoother and more homogeneous finish. You can use Finitura in creative techniques to provide stunning and personalized visual effects. It can be coloured with our mineral toners (more than 300) and safely applied both inside and outside on all surfaces previously coated with Microbond or Ercole.

    Sustainable: Mineral-based, with a very low VOC content.

    Versatile: It can be applied on all surfaces, internal and external, vertical and horizontal.

    Customisable: More than 300 shades available in our color chart.

    Application: Trowel, spatula, magic trowel

    Support: Surfaces already coated with Microbond® and Ercole®.

    Creative: Properly laid and sanded, it allows you to create interesting customized visual effects.

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