GiGi Sealer

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    Product for professional use

    (small kit)

    Part A: white liquid + Part B transparent liquid

    ca. 12 m2

    Gi.Gi. Sealer floor

    GiGi Sealer

    is a transparent protective polyurethane sealer for cementitious overlays such as Microbond® and Ercole®.
    It is colorless and does not yellow. It constitutes a protective surface shield able to increase the durability of the coating while preserving it from abrasions and scratches. It inhibits the penetration of oils and pollutants.
    GiGi Sealer is a two-component product for professional use.

    Description: A clear two-component, water-based, solvent-free polyurethane sealer.

    Finish: Matte.

    Features: UV resistant, non-yellowing, resistant to vehicular traffic, scratch resistant, inhibits the penetration of oils, increases resistance to abrasion.

    Application tools: short-haired microfibre wax dispenser, airless system.

    Recommended for: Interiors of homes and public buildings, internal and external use, driveways, swimming pool lining, bathroom lining, showers, kitchen tops.

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