Everwood Bio Varnish


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    Product for professional use

    Transparent bio-polyurethane varnish for wood.

    750 ml

    Transparent Matte

    140 ml/m 2

    Everwood Bio Varnish

    Everwood® Bio Varnish

    Everwood® Bio Varnish is an ideal substitute for epoxy, polyurethane, lacquer and solvent-based paint products. Thanks to its breathability, it avoids cracking and flaking phenomena. Made from 100% renewable sources, Everwood® Bio Varnish is an ecological choice. A single-component bio-polyurethane paint with high solid content, non-toxic and free of volatile organic compounds, formulated to offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV rays and atmospheric agents. Everwood® Bio Varnish produces a non-yellowing matte finish and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Composition: bio-based polyurethane resins and bioemulsive resins, obtained from emulsion of vegetable oils.

    VOC content: 0 g/L

    Drying time: 30 - 60 min

    Resistant to: abrasion and scratches, UV rays, chemicals, water and moisture.

    Finish: transparent, matte, non-yellowing

    Eco-friendly: 100% made from renewable resources, zero toxic emissions.

    Uses: External and internal flooring, doors, wooden garden structures, furniture, fences, wooden piers, wooden pergolas.

    Recommended with: Everwood® Eco Sealer

    Everwood® Bio Varnish is an innovative polyurethane varnish, completely bio-based and sustainable.
    Everwood Bio Varnish - eco-friendly protection for wood

    100% Sustainable

    It is produced from renewable sources and biomass obtained from vegetable oil emulsion. Everwood® Bio Varnish is an innovative polyurethane paint that makes non-toxicity and respect for the environment its greatest strength.

    Everwood Bio Varnish - barrier against water and moisture

    Water repellent

    Everwood® Bio Varnish creates a non-yellowing transparent film on the wood, resisting water penetration, thus preserving the building from moisture and mould attacks. The finish is matte.

    Everwood Bio Varnish - UV resistance

    UV resistant

    Everwood® Bio Varnish resists attacks from UV rays, allowing the wood to last for a long time, keeping its performance characteristics intact, not suffering yellowing and cracking due to the sun.

    Everwood Bio Varnish - example of external use

    Indoor and outdoor use

    Everwood® Bio Varnish is the ideal product for indoor and exterior use. Perfect for painting and protecting external wooden structures such as patios, wooden decks, garden furniture, and internal elements.

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    Everwood Bio varnish

    Transparent bio-polyurethane varnish.

    It is a water-based, single-component, non-toxic, bio-polyurethane paint that is 100% derived from renewable sources and free from volatile organic compounds. Water-repellent non-yellowing guarantees high abrasion resistance.