When you need performance, repair and rebuild with Ecobeton products.

Our professional and high performance repair and rebuild materials.

Ecobeton Crono for quick repair


It is a high strength fibre-reinforced polymer-modified quick-setting concrete reparation mortar. Crono is designed to allow a fast and reliable repair of concrete floors.

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Ecobeton Strutturale two-component cement mortar


Strutturale is a high performances cement mortar that is applied on damaged or deteriorated concrete, avoiding, in most cases, the need to demolish it.

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Ecobeton Degreaser Alkaline degreasing detergent for concrete


Degreaser is an enhanced degreasing detergent formulated to clean many surfaces and eliminate the most challenging dirt, including deriving from industrial activities.

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Ecobeton Rust Buster Gel for rust converting

Rust Buster Gel

Rust Buster Gel is a rust converter for metals. It converts rust into a layer of tannic iron, an inert substance that blocks the oxidation process of iron and its derivatives.


Ecobeton Bonding Agent for bond patches of cement

Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent is a multifunctional product that allows to definitively bond coatings or patches based on Portland cement to an existing support, giving the cementitious mix properties not detectable in no other bonding agent, additive or modifier.


What can be sealed and protected with Ecobeton products ?

Three frequently asked questions about concrete repair and reconstruction.

Not a trivial question. The real issue is not patching the concrete, and many products can deal with it, but the durability of the reparation. Substrate evaluation, substrate preparation, and accurate operating conditions analysis affect the concrete restoration's success.
You can find more information on concrete repair and restoration procedures in our manual available here: https://wiki.ecobeton.it/

If in doubt, replace the concrete: from a technical point of view it is always the best choice. However, we cannot easily replace the old concrete with a new one in many cases. Maybe it is not convenient from an economic point of view, or perhaps because we cannot wait the time needed for a whole operation, or simply because we can't move stuff around the workplace. Finally, from the point of view of environmental sustainability, repairing is almost always better than replacing all the concrete.

Adhesion of the reparation is a crucial point in concrete restoration. The support must be clean and sound to obtain a reparation that lasts in time. With our special Degreaser, you can remove oils, dirt and other pollutants from concrete and block efflorescence and rising dampness with Evercrete Vetrofluid or Pavishield. Those products will consolidate and harden the surface, preparing the substrate for a perfect reparation. Finally, using a slurry of Bonding Agent and Portland cement as a primer will ensure a successful and long-lasting reparation.

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