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    Product for professional use

    5 kg

    straw yellow liquid

    150 g/m2

    Ecobeton Degreaser


    Degreaser is an enhanced degreasing detergent formulated to clean many surfaces and eliminate the most challenging dirt, including deriving from industrial activities. Degreaser has a high pH (11.5) and can penetrate deep inside the substrate's pores, removing residues of oil, dirt, efflorescence, pollutants or petroleum-based agents. You can use it as an sustainable alternative to acid cleaners for proper surface cleaning before applying Evercrete Pavishield® or before laying cementitious coatings.
    Degreaser is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and a safe alternative to washing with acid products.

    Sustainable: Biodegradable, not harmful to the environment, non-toxic, does not contain solvent.

    Features: High alkalinity for deep cleaning, degreasing, easy to use, penetrates deeply, removes polluting residues, removes petroleum-based products.

    Application: Spraying with a low-pressure pump and rinsing with a pressure washer or scrubber dryer.

    Uses: Cleaning of industrial and commercial floors, concrete surfaces, stubborn dirt (oil and grease stains), car parks and garages, before applying Evercrete Pavishield®, before the application of Ecobeton cementitious overlays

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