Evercrete Pavishield


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    Product for professional use

    5 kg (30m2)

    transparent odourless liquid

    140 - 330 g/m2

    Evercrete Pavishield

    Evercrete® Pavishield®

    Pavishield is a superior anti-degradation protective product for concrete floors. Its formulation, based on liquid glass and a proprietary modifier, allows the product to penetrate from a minimum of 10 mm up to 34 mm deep into the concrete and to seal its porosity, constituting a permanent barrier over time.
    Evercrete® Pavishield® can be applied to any concrete floor, pavement, ramp, both fresh and mature.

    Sustainable: colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Given its composition, it does not cause any environmental risk.

    Total concrete protection: dustproof, consolidating, blocks rising damp, protects against freeze / thaw cycles, resistant to chemical attacks, surface hardener, increases resistance to wear and atmospheric agents, is a permanent treatment.

    Application: spray with low pressure pump.

    Uses: new or existing concrete floors, internal and external floors, ramps and slides, sidewalks, airport and heliport runways, sports facilities, skateboard tracks, cellars, stables, also as a vapour retarter.

    Permanent: to be applied in at least 2 coats, it is a permanent and definitive treatment.

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