Ercole White

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    Product for professional use

    25 kg

    white powder

    1.5 - 2 kg/m2



    Ercole is a sustainable, single-component cementitious overlay that allows the low-thickness restoration of damaged or deteriorated concrete, avoiding its demolition. It is also excellent as a base for Microbond® microcement or as a decorative coating on its own. Its high resistance to abrasion and hardness make it ideal for renovating external paths, ramps of garages, sidewalks and industrial floors.
    Ercole®s' look is entirely customizable by using the over 300 colours available in the Ecobeton colour chart.

    Sustainable: Mineral-based, with a very low VOC content.

    Carriageable: Extremely resistant, it is excellent as a renovation solution for old paths, sidewalks, ramps and floors, even for heavy vehicles.

    Application: trowel, squeegee, magic trowel

    Uses: Wood, terracotta, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, screeds.

    Resistant to: freeze / thaw cycles, atmospheric aggression and abrasion.

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