Microbond White


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    Product for professional use

    Low thickness eco-sustainable microcement.

    25 kg (15m2)


    1.5 kg/m2

    Microbond White


    It is a single-component, water-based, abrasion-resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly microcement. It is of easy application to countless types of surfaces, such as concrete, wood, plasterboard, tiles and many others.
    Microbond is cement-based, and it does not require a primer and once protected with the special Ecobeton sealers it becomes completely waterproof and resistant to scratches and abrasions.

    Sustainable: Mineral-based, with a very low VOC content.

    Versatile: It can be applied on all surfaces, internal and external, vertical and horizontal.

    Application: Trowel, spatula, magic trowel

    Support: Wood, terracotta, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, screeds.

    Waterproof: Once treated with our Cerbero Base and Cerbero Sealer, it becomes completely water resistant.

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