About us

The success comes when opportunity meets preparation (Seneca).

Ecobeton at the Fair

Founded in 1993, Ecobeton is a technological company that provides systems and solutions to the construction industry for products such as concrete, plaster, brick and wood.

Ecobeton is specialized particularly in the field of waterproofing treatments for concrete structures and cementitious overlay for repairs and decorative design.

Ecobeton's ecological vision

Always engages and invests in people potential and processes quality the research on the products, ecological and non-toxic, and the dialogue with the customer are the pivotal points on which the company is founded.

The cutting-edge products and solutions of Ecobeton are based on the specific needs of each customer and are respectful of human being and environment, in support of the philosophy of "Corporate Social Responsibility" which has always been part of its company values.

Service and technical training

Specifically, Ecobeton develop and market products and systems for the total protection of concrete and building materials such as wood, terracotta and stone. It is also specialized in the field of cementitious overlays providing specific solutions for interior design.

The technical training, is an important firm point for the company: the professional training that we organize are dedicated to the operators of the sector, with the aim of spreading the healthy culture in the building sector and guaranteeing high-durability structures and efficiency, for a sustainable development of the territory.