Long life to buildings, with Ecobeton sealing and protection products.

Our specialized products to waterproof, seal and protect building materials.

Ecobeton Vetrofluid for sealing concrete

Evercrete Vetrofluid®

Vetrofluid is a modified waterglass material that deeply penetrates and reacts permanently with the cement matrix and makes the concrete waterproof, anti-carbonation and resistant to acid attack.

DIscover vetrofluid

Ecobeton Pavishield for sealing industrial floors

Evercrete Pavishield®

Pavishield extends your concrete flooring's lifespan with a permanent barrier to weathering, deicing salt attack, and pollutants penetration. Excellent as a concrete curing agent, hardener, and dust-proofing. It penetrates in depth on the concrete surface, 100% ecological.


Ecobeton Brickcover for water repelling bricks


Brickcover is a protective, long-lasting, water-repellent treatment for natural stone and bricks. It penetrates deep into the support, leaving the surface unchanged.


Ecobeton Everwood Line for protect wood

Everwood® Line

Everwood Line protects and extends the life of the wood while keeping its biological nature intact. Combining two Everwood eco-friendly products will keep wooden structures protected and healthy over time.


What can be sealed and protected with Ecobeton products ?

Seven frequently asked questions about sealing and protecting materials.

Can you seal old concrete?

You can deep seal and protect any kind of concrete. You can use Evercrete technology in fresh green concrete as a membrane curing agent to retard water evaporation and enhance the mechanical and chemical properties of the concrete cast. Moreover, we have successfully protected and consolidated last-century heritage "modern" concrete. We suggest abundantly wetting the surface the day before the treatment for better results in old concrete.

Protecting and sealing concrete and other building materials greatly extends the life of buildings, avoiding their deterioration over time. This improves the safety of the buildings themselves and allows for greater savings, both economically and in terms of environmental sustainability, avoiding their early demolition and reconstruction.
Moreover, deep sealing with Evercrete products blocks the concrete dusting over time, leading to a healthier environment.

With Evercrete Vetrofluid and Evercrete Pavishield, the sealing is permanent. Once applied to the surface, their ability to penetrate deeply and to obtain a reaction in the cement's silicate matrix makes them permanent. Once applied, they make the concrete waterproof, anti-carbonation and anti-acid.

Ecobeton products for sealing and protecting building materials are easy to use even in the case of do-it-yourself. If the surface to be protected is suitable and previously cleaned, applying our products on the surface with appropriate tools (low-pressure pump, brush) is sufficient. Follow the instructions given in the technical data sheets for more details.

To receive treatment, the surface must be clean, porous, and adsorbent. On concrete, this is usually easily achieved with a pressure washer. Do not use a pressure washer on bricks cause this possibly leads to salt efflorescence: instead, use a specific product like buffered acid. If treating an old polluted concrete floor, use Ecobeton Degreaser before treatment. You can quickly test adsorption or the presence of previous sealers by spilling a small amount of water on the surface. If necessary, proceed with a mechanical preparation to remove any prior layer or residue that inhibits the penetration of sealers.

Mould and moss need specific environmental conditions to grow, such as the presence of water or humidity for a long time. Water can get to the surface of a building in many ways, such as air relative humidity (condensation), broken water pipes, seepage, rising dampness or rain. For example, if the surface remains wet for a long time after rain, it can develop moss; this often happens with walls facing the north. This is where a sealer effectively prevents mould and moss growth: by waterproofing the surface, the water will not penetrate, and it will quickly evaporate, removing the conditions needed for moss development.

Ecobeton products take care of building materials as well as the world around us. Many of them have an eco-sustainable chemical formulation, Evercrete Vetrofluid and Evercrete Pavishield are based on liquid glass and Everwood components are made from renewable sources.

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