Everwood® Line

Everwood® is first of all an ecological choice. It protects and extends the life of the wood while keeping its biological nature intact. The combined use of Everwood eco-friendly products will keep wooden structures protected an healthy over time, acting as a shield against water, humidity, chemical attack and much more.

We love keep it simple.

Complete wood protection with only two products.

Everwood Eco Sealer 1kg can

Everwood® Eco Sealer

is an ecological water-based impregnating agent, suitable for interiors and exteriors, which penetrates deeply into the fibers of the wood and mineralizes by binding permanently to the cellulose.

Deep penetrating • Permanent • Waterproofing • Fire resistant • Anti woodworm • Overpaintable • Non toxic • Eco Friendly • Shield for weathering

Everwood Bio Varnish 750ml can

Everwood® Bio Varnish

is a new water based, single-component, non toxic, bio-poyurethane varnish free from volatile organic content. Water-repellent, non-yellowing, it provides high abrasion resistance.

100% from renewable sources • Transparent • Matte finish • Non toxic • Biologically based • Non yellowing • Water repellent • Breathable • UV resistant • Quickly dry

Synergy is the keyword.

Everwood® Eco Sealer and Everwood® Bio Varnish together create a complete barrier against moisture, wear, water and many other factors that normally "attack" the wood. Their correct combined use, deep impregnation and surface varnish, builds a complete shield that prevents the wooden structures from deteriorating over time.

Eco by fact, not just by name.

The Everwood® line is truly eco friendly, protects wooden objects in a sustainable and absolutely non-toxic way for humans and the environment.

Ecobeton's commitment to produce and sell products for the protection of building materials and therefore extend the life of the works themselves, is also realized through the continuous research and production of eco-sustainable materials.