Decorative Overlays

Matter becomes art

The Ecobeton coatings are all single-component, cement-based, non-toxic and solvent-free. They provide a natural and bespoke, personalized and exclusive look.

Ecobeton Microbond


The perfect synthesis between surface and design. Microbond is a cementitious coating with a bespoke effect suitable to cover any surface, both internal and external, giving a uniform, smooth, troweled effect... 

Ecobeton Ercole


Premixed and single-component, with a few millimetres you can reconstruct and beautify any exposed surface, even carriageable. Adheres on tarmac (asphalt), concrete and other supports...

Poseidone cement overlay for pools


Poseidone is a cement-based, decorative thin coating for swimming pools, saunas and wet areas. Available in many different colors and highly customizable. Easy to apply...

Primer 4T

Primer 4T

A primer for tiles, used to insulate the support from the overlay and avoid the mirroring effect of tile joints. Bond directly...

Ecobeton Cerbero

Cerbero Sealer

2-component transparent water-based sealer, glossy or matt, easy to apply and quick-drying. Ideal for effective and long-lasting protection of decorative surfaces...

Ecobeton Cerbero Base

Cerbero Base

Transparent water-based protective designed for Ecobeton decorative coatings. It gives the microcement waterproof, chemical and stain resistance...

Ecobeton Gi.Gi. Sealer

GiGi Sealer

Matt, water-based, zero-VOC transparent 2-component sealer. Ideal for protecting overlays in traffic areas from scratches and abrasions...

Ecobeton Steinfix 60

Steinfix 60

Neutral protective soap for decorative flooring and natural stone. The best eco-friendly choice to clean and protect at the same time...

Ecobeton Micromed+

Micromed +

Water repellent wax dispersion, specially designed for Ecobeton cementitious coatings. Indispensable for correcting small defects of the protective layer...

Restoring and rebuilding

Adhesion, waterproofness and long life

Rebuilding low-thickness surfaces requires extremely reliable products, knowledge and experience

Ecobeton Crono


Crono is a fast setting fibre-reinforced structural mortar, class R4. Heavy vehicles traffic is allowed in just 3 hours. Crono enables you to perform repairs on airport runways, industrial ramps, driveways reliably and quickly...

Ecobeton Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent is a multifunctional additive. It allows to definitively bond coatings or cementitious overlays with existing support. Confers the cementitious mix elasticity, adhesion and thixotropy...

Ecobeton Rust Buster

Rust Buster Gel

Rust converter for metals, transforms rust into a protective compound, thus blocking the process of oxidation of iron and its derivatives...

Ecobeton Strutturale


Two-component structural cement mortar ideal for low-thickness restorations up to few centimetres. Can also be used in external areas...

Ecobeton Degreaser


Alkaline degreasing detergent for concrete, biodegradable and ideal for removing traces of oil and grease from support before proceeding with the coating...

Total Protection

Long life to constructions

Buildings protection is an opportunity from the economic, ecological and social point of view. Ecobeton protectives are 100% environmentally friendly and designed to be permanent.

Evercrete Vetrofluid

Evercrete® Vetrofluid

Liquid glass for concrete. It will penetrate deeply into the concrete substrate and bind with the silica matrix sealing all the microporosity. Waterproof, antacid, against deterioration…

Evercrete Pavishield

Evercrete® Pavishield

Waterglass for the total protection of industrial concrete flooring. Excellent anti-evaporating and curing agent on green concrete, excellent hardening, salt resistant and against deterioration on hardened floors...

Ecobeton Everwood

Everwood® Line

Everwood is a liquid glass for the protection of all types of timber. Penetrating deep into the porosity of the wood and binding itself with the fibres, it forms a permanent barrier. It extends the life of the wood and subsequent paints or varnishes...

Ecobeton Brickcover


Long-lasting water-repellent protective treatment for natural stone and bricks. Invisible and breathable...