Steinfix 60

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    Product for professional use

    pH-neutral detergent for cementitious coatings.

    1 L

    Semi-transparent liquid

    Dilution 1:50

    Steinfix 60

    Steinfix 60

    Steinfix 60 is an innovative floor soap designed to clean natural stone floors, concrete floors, microcement overlays such as Microbond® and Ercole® and other porous materials. It is a natural product with a pH value of 8.0, which saturates the porosity of the substrate, leaving a bright protective layer that facilitates subsequent cleaning.
    Steinfix 60 preserves previous treatments and protects the floor from the penetration of pollutants and dirt.

    Eco-friendly: it is a pH neutral product, phosphates-free, biodegradable, based on natural soaps and certified by the Nordic Ecolabel.

    Features: Cleaning action: it is an effective cleaner for stone and concrete floors.
    Protective action: it releases a thin protective layer that gives shine and improves the ease of cleaning.

    Application: with the aid of a mop, squeegee, spreader or washer-dryer.

    Uses: Floors in stone or concrete, floors coated with Microbond® and Ercole® .

    Dosage: For the first treatment, dilute Steinfix in water with a dosage ratio of 1:20. For daily cleaning, use 1:50.

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