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    Product for professional use

    For corrective maintenance of microcements.

    1 L


    70-90 m2/L

    Micromed+ on microcement


    Micromed+ is a dispersion of waxes for the extraordinary maintenance of cementitious overlays such as Microbond® and Ercole®.
    Micromed+ saturates porosities by creating a water-repellent film that preserves the aesthetics of the coating and renews surfaces worn by heavy traffic or subject to frequent contact with water (e.g. showers).

    Purpose of the product: It is a product for the intensive maintenance of cementitious coatings subject to heavy traffic and for the ordinary maintenance of damaged and / or abraded floors.

    Uses: applicable on Ecobeton Microcements such as Microbond® and Ercole®.

    Application: Sprayed and then uniformed with a cloth or a spreader.

    Properties: Micromed+ creates a water-repellent film, preserves the aesthetics of the coating, gives the surface a natural effect.

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