Cerbero Sealer Kit

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Product for professional use

Part A 1 kg + Part B 0.2 kg
(Ca. 15 m2)

white liquid + transparent liquid

80-100 g/m2

Ecobeton Cerbero Sealer

Cerbero Sealer

Cerbero Sealer is a transparent polyurethane sealer for cementitious coatings such as Microbond and Ercole. Colourless and does not yellow over time. Associated with Cerbero Base, or Cerbero Base Gel, it constitutes a protective surface shield able to increase the durability of the coating, protecting it from abrasions, scratches and making it resistant to the penetration of oils and other acid and alkaline substances.

Description: Two-component water-based polyurethane sealer.

Finishing: Gloss / Matte

Features: UV resistance, non-yellowing, high resistance to water, oils and chemicals, scratch resistance.

Application: Microfibre roller or Snappy.

Uses: Cementitious overlays in homes, kitchen tops, bathrooms, medical offices, surfaces that can be walked on and in contact with water.
On drive-over surfaces use Gi.Gi. Sealer

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