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    Product for professional use

    Quick-setting, fibre-reinforced, repair mortar.

    25 Kg


    ca. 1,9 kg/m2
    (per mm of thickness)

    Crono di Ecobeton


    It is a high strength fibre-reinforced polymer-modified quick-setting concrete reparation mortar. Crono is designed to allow a fast and reliable repair of concrete floors. Applicable from 0 to 10 cm, it has very low shrinkage. These properties speed up the preparation of support and reduce the entire job's application times, allowing reopening to traffic in an ultra-short time. Crono is eco friendly, made of natural cement and low environmental impact CSA cement.

    Application thickness: from 0 to 10 cm.

    R4 class mortar

    Opening time to heavy traffic: after just 3 hours.

    Very low shrinkage: minimized risk of cracking and delamination.

    Mixing water: 3,5 - 4 L per bucket of 25 kg.

    Eco friendly: composed of natural cement, CSA cement and many recycled components.

    Use: airport runways, ramps, industrial driveways, construction joints, car parks, motorways and much more.

    Adaptable to various site needs thanks to the following additives: Lento, Rapido and Livella

    Key features:
    Performance, adaptability and eco-sustainability. These are the main features of Crono.
    Crono malta classe R4


    Crono is a high strength R4 repair mortar. After just 3 hours it can support heavy traffic, such as aircraft and trucks. Particular components in its blend enhance the flexural strength, such as the 1 cm amorphous metallic fibres.

    Crono additivi versatili


    You can apply Crono in thickness from 0 to 10 cm, satisfying the construction site's different needs. Moreover, with the ready to use additives, you can speed up or slow down the setting time and even obtain a self-levelling compound.

    Crono prodotto ecosostenibile


    Chrono fully reflects Ecobeton's ecological vision. Its main components, such as natural cement, CSA cement and non-petroleum-derived polymers up to the bucket made of recycled plastic.

    Examples of use:
    Little time available and high expectations? Crono is the ideal solution.
    Crono per aeroporti

    Airport runways

    Crono allows to promptly restore failures and breakages of paved sections that cannot remain closed to heavy traffic, such as airports, logistic hubs and heliports.

    Crono per giunti a travetto

    Construction joints

    Thanks to its rapid hardening and high mechanical performance, you can use Crono to restore construction joints in damaged concrete floors.

    Crono per passi carrai industriali


    Crono efficiently and quickly reopens the industrial and private activities that need to allow transit in a short time from the traffic interruption.

    Crono per altri usi

    Much more ...

    Crono is ideal for many other critical traffic situations such as motorway toll booths, ramps, walkable surfaces, junctions, deck repairs, parking lots, warehouses and industrial buildings.

    Related products:
    Adapt Crono to your construction site needs with additives Lento,Rapido and Livella.
    Additivo Lento

    LENTO - setting retardant.

    Extends the setting and workability times of Crono repair mortar. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Additivo Rapido

    RAPIDO - setting accelerator.

    Considerably speeds up the setting times of Crono mortar in cold climates. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Additivo Livella

    LIVELLA - self-levelling additive.

    It allows self-levelling restorations even with a reduced quantity of mixing water. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Note: The 60 g single-use sachets of the Lento, Rapido and Livella additives are pre-dosed for 25 kg of Crono.