Evercrete ® Pavishield


Total protection of your floor

With Pavishield® you can improve the life of your industrial flooring because it is the only product able to protect the concrete at 360 degrees, even outside. With Pavishield® you can prevent the deterioration of the concrete from the first minutes using it as curing compound. Then your floor will be protected also from atmospheric agents, from deicing salts, from superficial wear and from rising damp.

Pavishield Concrete Floor Protection

A single product, a unique product

Curing compound, dustproof and anti-deterioration in a single product, with only one treatment. Thanks to its innovative and ecological formulation Evercrete Pavishield ® is a permanent treatment with which you can reduce maintenance costs by more than 60%. Thanks to its versatility, the designer can guarantee reliable and certified results even from the 1.2 million of MQ treated in the last 10 years.

Pavishield the liquid glass

A consolidated experience

Pavishield® deep penetrates into the concrete floor, reacts with cement, increasing the silica matrix, and seals the microporosity.
It is a totally inorganic product, which is not subject to wear and does not require maintenance over time.
It can also be used as a hardener of the old paving with dust-proof action, even in environments in contact with food.

Pavishield protects floor inside

Properties of Pavishield

Deep penetrating sealer for concrete floors

Frost resistance

Protects exposed concrete in the most extreme conditions

Hardener and dust proofing agent

Permanent anti-dust treatment, it consolidates the surface in depth.

Chemical resistance

It gives the concrete an extraordinary resistance to the deicing salts, chlorides, sulphates and acid attacks

Curing compound

Curing agent, it reduces to eliminate the fissuring due to the rapid drying of the screed, without leaving any residue.

Properties of Pavishield

Deep penetrating sealer for concrete floors

Abrasion resistance

Excellent surface hardening, increases abrasion resistance.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Pavishield has been awarded EPD and LEED certification, completely solvent-free and VOC resistant.

Blocks the rising damp

It is the ideal base for any subsequent surface coatings.

Tested over time

Over a century of proven successes, endorsed by the major European institutes and CE certificate.