Microbond on a fireplace

It is a cementitious overlay, but provides a choice of finish effects including wood, ceramic, resin or bespoke

Microbond® easily renews surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, customizing them following styles and flavors, giving continuity and a refined pleasing look, bespoke or minimal, antique or modern.

Sealer on Microbond

Microbond® can be applied on any kind of support, with only one millimeter thickness.

Microbond® is a cementitious ready-mix product, single-component, abrasion resistant, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Easily applied on on wood, concrete, metal, baked clays, tiles and also on polystyrene.

Microbond on wall

More than 300 colors and bespoke hand finished effect.

Microbond® is suitable for use indoor and outdoor with any kind of function, style and architectural design: you can choose from more than 300 colors.
The final effect, perfect on continuity and uniformity, is always aesthetically refined and unique, thanks to the bespoke hand finish.

Microbond properties

Low thickness cementitious overlay

Robust and durable

Suitable for flooring and walls, it has a high scratch resistance


Available in more than 300 customizable colors


Adheres perfectly without the need for primers on metal, wood, concrete, polystyrene

Indoor and outdoor

Also suitable for external use

Microbond properties

Low thickness cementitious overlay

Fire resistant

Microbond has passed class A tests

Applicable from 1 to 3 mm

Smooth Texture, broomed or decorative printed finish

Eco-friendly and safe

Microbond is a cement-based product free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC)