Concrete floor dusting? The easy solution.

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Concrete floor dusting? The easy solution.
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Have you ever wondered why concrete tends to dust over time? How can this event be avoided, and how can one intervene when the phenomenon is already underway?

First, let's see the main causes that lead to the formation of concrete surface dusting.

In the case of recent concrete, the reason to investigate is the excessive segregation of the concrete mix. The heaviest parts (aggregates) tend to fall to the bottom while the thinner ones remain in suspension: in this way, the surface part will be fragile and subject to rapid wear. This occurrence is common in concrete castings where the ratio of water to cement is high.
In the case of a mature floor slab, the dusting is caused by the dehydration of the concrete surface. This water loss happens during the initial concrete curing, it impacts the water-cement bond, and later it brings an ease wearing of the concrete surface.

The phenomenon of dusty concrete usually increases with the flooring age; therefore, it is essential to take action as soon as possible to limit the damage caused to human health and maintain the concrete's performance.
It should be emphasized that this form of degradation is one of the most dangerous for human health as the dust that is released from the surface can deposit in the airways, causing severe long-term pathologies. For this reason, specific regulations have been issued by the Local Health Agencies regarding the necessary anti-dust treatments on concrete floors.

To be effective, an anti-dust treatment should last over time and don't wear off in the first years of the life cycle.
Ecobeton has developed a certified and permanent product based on waterglass that meets the needs of preventing the formation of dusting or blocking its presence.
Evercrete Pavishield - Dal Zotto Floors

Flooring treated with Evercrete Pavishield

Evercrete Pavishield - Heliport runway

Heliport runway treated with Evercrete Pavishield

The product is called Evercrete Pavishield and is a unique anti-degradation protective product for concrete floors formulated in such a way as to penetrate deeply into the cement matrix, becoming a permanent treatment. It can be applied to any fresh and mature concrete flooring and performs curing, hardening, and consolidating action with permanent anti-degradation protection.
Evercrete Pavishield - Application

Application of Evercrete Pavishield

You can spray the product with low-pressure pumps on two crossed coats (if the first is applied from north to south, apply the second from east to west) on the previously degreased and cleaned support. After 24 hours, flush with water to remove any excess product that may be left on the surface.

Evercrete Pavishield is an environmentally friendly product certified for use in flooring, including for food use.
With this treatment, the dusting of the concrete will be just an old memory!

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