Mould and moss in the exterior walls?

How to permanently eliminate them in 3 easy steps.
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Mould and moss in the exterior walls?
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With the onset of summer, the famous spring cleaning begins and, after having passed the whole house, it is also the turn of our home's garden or outdoor area. As often happens, we are faced with moss and mould in the most unexpected places, which, in addition to being an unsightly factor, is also annoying as it retains all the moisture.
Unfortunately, preventing or removing bacteria and mosses is not easy. Below is an example of cleaning and prevention work on a perimeter wall. The surprising thing is, as you can see, the clear difference between the treated and untreated portions of the wall. But let's go in order.
Wall surface treated with Ecobeton Brickcover.

The portion of the surface treated with Brickcover

Wall surface NOT treated with Ecobeton Brickcover.

The portion of the surface NOT treated with Brickcover

Comparison between wall surfaces treated and not treated ith Ecobeton Brickcover

Surface treated and untreated with Brickcover in one photographic shot

First of all, to get the best results, it is necessary to clean the surface to be treated with a high-pressure cleaner: in this way, the strong jet of water goes meticulously removes any traces of dirt, mould and moss.
After carefully cleaning the affected area, the second important step is to let the surface dry completely for at least 2/3 days. This treatment, in fact, must be done during the spring or summer season ... with the first sun warming, to be detailed.
The third and last step is to spray the Brickcover product with a low-pressure pump (of which you can also see an explanatory photo). If necessary, Brickcover can also be applied by roller or brush, avoiding product stagnation. One and only application is enough.
Low pressure spray pump
Low pressure spray pump

Brickcover is a ready-to-use, water-repellent anti-degradation protection for stones, bricks and concrete. It penetrates the surface deeply, leaving the texture natural without altering its original colour. It is non-toxic, does not create any film and is entirely permeable to air (breathable).
Brickcover makes the support rainproof and protected from atmospheric agents; its unique formulation, a potassium salt base, gives the product a long-lasting treatment.

Brick treated with the water-repellent Brickcover.

5kg pack of Brickcover.

Vital advice and the only precaution you must have when applying it is to cover, if necessary, glass or steel surfaces that may be present in the area to be treated as the product is alkaline and could opacify or ruin such surfaces. Brickcover is an ideal solution: straightforward to apply, effective, ecological and long-lasting. To find out more, consult the datasheet.

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