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    Product for professional use

    Fast setting additive for Crono mortar.

    60 g


    1 pkg./25 kg Crono

    Additivo Rapido


    It is a setting accelerating additive, in a disposable sachet, for the Crono quick-setting fibre-reinforced repair mortar. It allows to reduce the setting time during the winter period or in projects that require very short times.

    Packaging: Single-use for 25 kg of Crono.

    Directions for use: Pour the additive into the mixing water, mix, add the Crono mortar, then proceed with mixing the compound.

    It does not affect the required mixing water.

    Uses: Restoration of industrial floors, restoration of construction joints, planar elements.

    It can be used in combination with the other additives for Crono mortar: Livella.

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    Adapt Crono to your construction site needs with additives Lento, Rapido and Livella.
    Additivo Lento

    LENTO - setting retardant.

    Extends the setting and workability times of Crono repair mortar. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Additivo Rapido

    RAPIDO - setting accelerator.

    Considerably speeds up the setting times of Crono mortar in cold climates. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Additivo Livella

    LIVELLA - self-levelling additive.

    It allows self-levelling restorations even with a reduced quantity of mixing water. Add the additive directly into the mixing water.

    Note: The 60 g single-use sachets of the Lento, Rapido and Livella additives are pre-dosed for 25 kg of Crono.